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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how David came back to Ziklag to find that his properties had been burnt and his wives and children taken away. The name ‘Ziklag’ means ‘to press’. Ziklag connotes that situation where something is being pressed down. Notice that it was after David left Ziklag that he was anointed as king. So his kingship seemed to have been pressed down in Ziklag. He had it in him, but in ZIklag, it could not rise.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: everything in your life that has been pressed down, I command the hand of the enemy to be lifted off it. Every opportunity that has been pressed down by the enemy, I command an immediate release now. I command every rising that has been pressed down to manifest by fire. Every evil hand that is pressing down your greatness, I command it to be broken. Every evil hand pressing down your favour, increase, elevation, etc., I command it to be broken.

David would have imagined that Ziklag was keeping him safe from Saul, but the fact was that Ziklag was also keeping him away from the throne. Ziklag was pressing down what the Lord had destined for David. Hear me as I hear the Lord: everything in your life that the Lord has destined but the enemy is pressing down, I command it to be released. Every platform that heaven has ordained for you that is pressed down, I decree, the days of being pressed down are over.

I decree, that every siege on your destiny is lifted. Every confinement of the enemy on your destiny is lifted. Every satanic pressure that is making you smaller in destiny, let it disappear by fire. I decree, let the fullness of your destiny find expression. Let all that God destined and ordained you to be, begin to manifest. Let every capacity in you that has been locked up in Ziklag be released. Wherever your value is being hidden, let God arise.

The days of being locked down by the enemy, are over. The days of confinement are broken forever. You cannot be pressed down. Rise out of your confinement.

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