Revival Fires are Turning the Tide in Europe

           More than 14,000 people gathered for the Christ for All Nations’ FIRE Conference in Budapest, Hungary. During the truly epic 3-night event (24 – 26 August), 1,450 attendees submitted personal decision cards, signaling their choice to commit their lives to Jesus! That’s more than 10% of the crowd!

In addition, volunteers passed out 500,000 Hungarian language copies of Lead Evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s new booklet,Reckless Love. A staggering 25% of the city received a copy of this short but powerful volume! Reckless Love explores Christ’s harrowing parable of the prodigal son – a tale of God’s profligate, never-ending, no-cost-too-high-love for humanity. Now, half of a million people (plus their family and friends) can read this clear, personal invitation to “come home” in their own language.

The incredible line up of speakers included Daniel Kolenda, Todd White, Ben Fitzgerald, Eric Gilmour, Jean-Luc Trachsel, Peter Vandenberg (Vice President of CfaN) and Russell K. Benson. Plus, the crowd engaged in worship lead by some of the best leaders, vocalist and musicians in Hungary. The music team was joined by Worship-Evangelist and CfaN staffer, Charles Ciepiel.

Charles said of the meetings, “It’s truly tremendous to see God sweeping urban Europe. Most of Europe is 1% Jesus-following Christians. And cities are particularly hard here. So, to see 14,000 people show up for a Holy Spirit-filled meeting… it just brings tears to our eyes. And the sincerity is so real – God is truly starting something in Budapest and it’s going to spread.” CfaN’s Vice President, Peter Vandenberg echoed that sentiment with his commanding opening prayer, “May the fires of revival spread from here, right across Europe!”

God validated the word with numerous miraculous healings. One woman suffered a shoulder injury years ago that left her in chronic pain so severe that, often, she could barely sleep. During one of the services, the Holy Spirit moved on her. Suddenly, she was throwing her arm in the air, praising God for a total, supernatural recovery.

With numbers and testimonies like, we can be sure that the tide is turning in Europe!

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