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In Exodus 17, as the children of Israel left Egypt, the Amalekites came against them in Rephidim. It was in that battle that the Lord gave victory to Israel. Several generations later, the Amalekites came against David. Several generations later, the same negativity that came against the generation of Moses and Joshua, also came against David. The pattern of negativity that came against Moses and Joshua, also came against David.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: you will not fight the same battles your fathers fought. You will not suffer what generations ahead of you suffered. You will not stumble where your past generations stumbled. You will not live with the same afflictions that your past generations lived with. You will not inherit the health challenges of those who have gone ahead of you. You will not labour under ancient strongholds of the enemy.

The same battle that came against the children of Israel, eventually came against David, and in the end, David ruthlessly decimated the Amalekites. What came against older generations came against David, and David rose to the occasion and crushed the enemies. If you are in that place where what your older generations suffered has arisen again against you, rise to the occasion and crush the enemy ruthlessly with your warfare prayers.

Today, I pray for you: altars that are speaking for repeated battles to come against you, let the Lord arise against them. Altars that are calling forth repeated negativity, let the Lord arise and crush them. Voices that are calling forth the same troubles that befell those ahead of you, I command them to shut up by fire. Instead of repeated battles, you shall have repeated favour, repeated breakthroughs, repeated elevation, etc.

The doors of repeated battles are shut in your life. The doors of repeated good news are open.

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