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When the lame man at the Beautiful gate saw Peter and John, he asked for alms from them. This man came in contact with men who had capacity to deliver his healing to him, but he was fixated on alms. His focus was on basic survival without a change in his condition. His focus was to receive alms that cannot heal him. Unlike blind Bartimaeus who asked for healing when he heard about Jesus, the lame man stayed focused on alms.

Friend, there comes a time when you must begin to look beyond your desire for alms and begin to ask for something higher. There comes a time when your expectations must rise higher. There comes a time when what used to fascinate you should give way for something more important and strategic. There comes a time when your expectation must move from mere consumables to more tangible change that will turn your life around.

The lame man seemed so focused on alms, and it would appear that he never even considered the possibility of healing. He was so focused on the mundane, and he never looked at the possibility of the miraculous. Look beyond the mundane and seek the miraculous. Look beyond what will interest you in the short term and seek for answers that will stand the test of time. Look beyond your consumption and seek for a destiny turnaround.

There is more than you have currently seen. There is more that God can make out of your life. There is more that can work in your favour. There are levels higher than what you are currently fixated on. There is a higher life beyond the meagre calculations in your mind right now. There is more that God is able to do for you, beyond what you expect from mere mortals. There is more than the lower expectation you currently are nursing.

Raise your expectations, and the God who is able to do much more than you could ever ask or think will make it happen. Raise your expectations and heaven will fulfill it in your favour.

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