Raise Jesus Kids and not Church Kids

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There is no greater responsibility as a Christian parent than raising your children in the faith. Too often, however, this becomes synonymous with the desire to “keep your kids in church” at all costs.

Of course, involving your family in the life of the church is an integral part of living a faithful Christian life. It’s also true that the church is where most Christian children learn the crucial biblical truths that will guide them well in life and help them begin to fathom God’s incredible love for them. However, being a “church kid” is not the ultimate goal.

This sentiment is expressed and expanded on brilliantly in a post by “The Messy Christian” published at “Love What Matters.”

“I don’t want to raise church kids. That’s right. I DO NOT want to raise church kids. Matter of fact, it’s one of my biggest fears,” the writer begins. “That they would go to church every week of their lives and never experience what the whole purpose of church is really about.”

Instead, Christian parents should be seeking to raise their kids in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ and should be teaching them how to be more like Him as they grow and develop. This, even more than forcing them to sit in a pew and listen to a sermon, is of vital importance.

“I want to raise Jesus kids,” declares The Messy Christian. “That they would come to church BECAUSE they know Jesus. That they would see themselves as a part of the church, the body of Christ. That they would work together with their fellow believers to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the community they serve.”

This is the ultimate goal for parents — to raise children who know the truth, who know who they are in Jesus, and who have an innate passion to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. THAT is the privilege of being a parent — to model something of a grace-filled, Christ-saturated life to our kids, and to nurture them as they grow in Him.

As the Messy Christin explains, Christian parents should be cheering on their kids, desperate to see that “they would see themselves in the story that was written at the beginning of time” and “that they would look to Jesus when they make a mistake and be overcome with gratitude at the grace they are given.”

“That they would wake up in the morning thankful for the day and lay their head down every night assured of their eternal home.

That they would face the storms of life tethered to the One who came to save them.

That they would know that they never walk alone and their lives are being held in the hands of God.

That they would reach for the stars because they know the One who created them and that He has a purpose for their lives. That if they seek Him first that purpose will be fulfilled.

That they will look up when they fall down. Reach out when they need help trusting that He is always reaching back to us.

That they will be like oaks planted by His stream of living water and bare much fruit.

That they would look at their neighbors and see the image bearers of God and love them fiercely.

That they would look out at this world and see hope when every one else sees hopelessness. That they would share that hope and bring His light into every dark corner they encounter.

Yes, yes, yes!

I want to raise Jesus kids.”

Pray for your kids every single day — that they would know and love the Lord Jesus Christ for the rest of their days.

Source : Faithwire.com

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