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In our Focal Scripture, when David enquired of the Lord concerning the Amalekites who took away his wives and children, God told him to pursue after them. The journey of taking back what was lost began with pursuing. The pursue is to chase after something, with speed. So God commanded David to move with speed. David was commanded to move quickly. David was commanded to advance towards his target speedily.

Friend, it’s time to add some speed to your journey. You can no longer afford to waste time in those goals you seek to achieve. You can no longer take all the time in the world to chase your dreams. You do not even have all the time, so do well to move speedily like David. Be brisk about what you seek to achieve. Be fast about the timelines you have set for yourself. Be disciplined enough to know that time is not waiting for you.

David needed to chase after the Amalekites and recover his wives and children, and God told him to pursue. His recovery needed speed. Considering all you may have lost, you need to move speedily and quickly in order to recover lost grounds. You need to hasten your movement if you are going to beat your rivals to the game. Sometimes your only chance at success is to move before others move. Be speedy about your movement.

Change your posture and position yourself to move faster. If there be anything that has the potential to slow you down, take it off. Be careful with relationships that slow you down. Rise against habits and attitudes that waste your time. Move like one whose goals cannot wait to emerge. Stop moving like one who has nothing to lose. Stop moving like one who has no competition and competitors. Don’t be slothful in your movement.

David pursued, and he overtook and recovered all. Start pursuing; start moving fast; raise your urgency level; hasten your movement. If you have been walking, start running; if you have been running, start leaping.

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