Pst. Chris : How Christians Get Into Problems With Demons And How To Prevent It

The Leaders’ & Partners’ Conference Ghana was an opportunity for thousands of delegates to be equipped for success in life and in their ministry of reconciliation to the world. In the featured video, Pastor Chris answers the question, “how does a Christian get into problems with demons?”

Segments of heartfelt worship on the third day of the conference.

The man of God, giving consideration to Colossians 1:13, helped delegates present to reconcile the truth of the Word that every believer has been translated into the Kingdom of God’s love Son with the fact that some still experience demonic oppression. The way Christians experience problems with Demons is when they stray away from their place in God, for example; in the old testament, the death angel was told to strike anyone except those ones inside the house with the blood on their lintels , any one found outside for any reason will not be spared, so  believers have problems with demons because they stray away. There are two ways of straying away

1. With what you listen to with your ears

2. What you say with your mouth.

We have to learn how to walk in the kingdom daily because we belong there.

Source: Loveworld News

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