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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how Peter and John went up to the temple at the hour of prayer. These were amongst the same men who had encountered and were filled with the Holy Ghost in Acts 2. These were the same men who had received divine empowerment to become all that God destined them to become. Despite smarting from their encounters, they were still drawn to pray in the temple. They were a praying generation.

Friend, a powerful generation is a praying generation. No matter the encounters you have had in your yesterday, never forget to have fresh moments of prayer again and again. No matter your exploits, keep praying. No matter your results, keep praying. No matter the major milestones you have attained, keep praying. No matter the battles you have already won, keep praying. No matter the greatness you attain, keep praying.

Notice that our Focal Scripture made mention of the hour of prayer. So prayer had been built into their hours for the day. Prayer had been integrated into their to-do list for the day. Prayer had become a strong routine they could not do without. In all your becoming, make prayer a strong routine in your life. Make prayer a part of your everyday. Make prayer a part of your to-do list each day. Make prayer an important part of your day.

The mere fact that Peter and John had encountered the Holy Ghost in Acts 2 did not reduce their need for prayer in Acts 3. The mere fact that you prayed yesterday does not reduce your need for prayer today. The fact that God opened new dimensions of Himself to you does not mean that you are done with the need for prayer and intimacy with God. The more you encounter God, the more you should see the need to pray more.

Don’t be counted amongst the generation that prides in yesterday’s prayer but is unavailable for today’s prayer. Pray, keep praying, and never cease to pray.

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