[POEM] Friend Jesus

Friend Jesus by Joshua Oshin

Oh what a friend we have in Jesus
came down to earth and saved us
Now I can boldly say that I am a child of God
Daily studying the word
Isn’t this a privilege?
Because knowing Jesus increases knowledge
Great to be born again
Serving Jesus is all about gains
Do you know this fruit of the spirit called love?
This virtue would make you tough
The shield of faith to resist the enemy
And keep them off your family
The power of joy
Like an engine rubbed with oil
Takes you into the presence of God
Joy makes you armed with a sword
Brings God closer and keeps the enemy off your path
Makes you fresh like when you take your bath
All you would ever want resides in him
So stay fixed with Jesus like one engrossed while watching a film
Cause he is the kings of kings
Specializes in boxing the devil off the ring.

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