Overcome Evil with Good

Joyce Meyers devotional

As a Christian, you can resist the enemy and overcome evil by having an aggressive, power-packed attitude. You can release positive spiritual power that will always conquer negative power. But it doesn’t happen automatically. You must take a spiritually aggressive position and stand your ground.

Dealing with people requires a different approach, however. You are to treat people with dignity, respect, and love. For myself, I had to learn how to be a “lion-hearted lamb”—spiritually strong in dealing with the enemy and meek and gentle in dealing with people.

Being good to people will require that you walk in love, which is an effort that always costs you something. But people who are spiritually powerful always walk in love. It is God’s way of overcoming evil with good. And it is well worth the effort.

Prayer of the Day: Father, I come to You today asking that you help me muster the spiritual strength to stand firm against evil as well as the heart and compassion to show love and respect to others.

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