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In our Focal Scripture, having been called by Jesus, Blind Bartimaeus responded by casting away his garment. In bible times, people were identified by the garments they wore. A beggar would have been identified with beggarly garments. Notice that when Jesus called Bartimaeus to Himself, Bartimaeus took away the garments that linked him to his situation. He was yet to receive his miracle, but he discarded his old garment. He disconnected from his old identity.

Friend, it is an error to be desiring the new, and yet remain connected with the identity of the old. It is an error to be desiring a new season, and yet remain committed and obsessed with the personality of your old season. It is an error to be pushing for change, and still be stuck in the negative identity your past put on you. It is an error to desire the new whilst posturing in the garment of the old. It is an error to desire the new levels that God is bringing to you, yet wearing the identity of old levels.

Put away the identity that is inconsistent with the new season you desire. Put away the identity of laziness, strife, inconsistency, prayerlessness, bitterness, rancor, pride, envy, incompetence, etc. Put away every contentment with negativity. Refuse to be identified with the past life that Jesus already delivered you from. Refuse to be an example of the past that you have broken away from. Refuse the old as you push for the new.

A major miracle was about to come the way of Bartimaeus; God was about to do for him what no man could do for him, and he began by breaking out of the identity he didn’t need in his new season. Be intentional to choose between your old identity and your new identity. Choose between your old struggles and your new season. Choose between your painful past and your glorious future. Choose the new and discard the old.

Remember, Bartimaeus was yet to receive the new when he put away the old. He intentionally put away the old as he prepared for the new. If you remain connected to the old, what space would the new have in your life?

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