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When the lame man in our Focal Scripture saw Peter and John, he asked them for alms. He asked them for silver and gold. He asked for something physical. He asked for what could help him survive. Notice that when it was time for Peter to make him an offer, he wasn’t just offered silver and gold. He was offered healing. He was offered more than what he asked for. Peter and John were of that generation that offered more.

Friend, a powerful generation offers more than what is asked. A powerful generation gives more than is required. A powerful generation gives more than just the physical. A powerful generation gives in multiples. A powerful generation gives an upgrade of what is required. A generation like that of Peter and John, offers more than what everyone offers. A powerful generation gives more than just silver and gold. To be great is to offer more.

Like Peter and John, dare to give more. In the workplace, dare to deliver more than you were asked to. Give results that are higher than the expectations of men. As an entrepreneur, be that one who is simply not on the same level of service delivery like others. Be so distinguished and consistent that people will know that they will get better results and outputs when you are involved. Be known as the one who offers more.

That lame man was already accustomed to the multitudes in the temple who could offer him alms, but Peter and John clearly stood out because they offered more than what others offered. You may never be distinguished in destiny if all you offer is what any other person can offer. You may never be known at the gates if you give just what is required of you. If you fail to give more than is asked of you, how will your name ring a bell?

Rise to the occasion of giving more than is required of you. If a hundred percent is required of you, dare to give two hundred percent. Give your generation more than it wants. Be that one that offers more.

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