Nothing Is Truly Free !

By David Oshin

A Typical African man or woman love free things, we like to enjoy things we never worked for, even believers aren’t left out, they are looking for free things up and down , this is however a great misconception because nothing is truly free, every free thing you see today has been paid for by someone or will be paid by someone else directly or indirectly.

Do you know a lot of people in politics today are there for some free National cake to enjoy, many also who take up government jobs are there for free benefits, such people have no mind to serve but want to take a bite or a full chunk of the national cake, its our money they say, oil money, free money. The truth is that; it is not free, and government has no money of its own, they are only in trust of the citizen’s money, when you waste it, the citizens pay with hardship because what should be distributed has been wasted.

I hope you know, Nigeria is currently suffering from the wasteful spending and looting of the previous governments and political office holders, is the money free, No! Their Children paid !

Note ! Whatever you waste your children will pay, and their generation will suffer it, and come to think of it, there is no vacuum in Nature, so Nothing is actually free.

The believers will tell you Salvation is Free, No ! That’s not true. Somebody paid, Jesus Paid ! Today Believers in Nigeria and other parts of the world enjoy religious freedom of worship, they are free to carry bibles every where for Evangelism but people paid to make it a reality, many paid with their lives.

Its time to turn a new leaf and carry a mentality nothing is truly free, it means taking personal responsibility to pay the required price for every success you desire, it means shunning bribery and corruption because every bribe you collect as free money is truly not free, it is either it has been paid for or will be paid for by you and your children directly and indirectly. Some of our fathers sold their National birthright for 2 cups of rice during election campaigns, now they and their children are paying for it heavily.

Be Wise.

God Bless you

# Nothing is truly free

Henotace Team

David Oshin is a Content Creator || Full stack Web Developer||Podcast Host || Digital Marketing Strategist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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