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Our Focal Scripture speaks of when Herod sought for Peter and did not see him. Herod sought for Peter to be able to lay hold on him, but he couldn’t find Peter. He sought for an opportunity to fulfill his wicked wishes against Peter, but he found none. He sought for an opportunity to harm Peter, but the opportunity never even showed up. The occasion for wickedness to be executed against Peter did not show up.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: those who are plotting against you, will not get a chance to fulfill their evil wishes. You will be nowhere to be found when the plotters of evil get set to execute their wickedness. You will be completely beyond the reach of those who want to make mincemeat of your destiny. You will be unavailable for the manifestation of the wicked acts of those poised against you. You will be unreachable to the enemy.

Herod sought for Peter so that he could make his wickedness a reality. He was monitoring Peter to see how he could execute the wickedness he had planned. He was monitoring to see when it was best to strike Peter. Hear me as I hear the Lord: every wicked eye that is seeking a chance to get hold of you and execute wickedness, let the finger of God blind their eyes. Every wicked eye that is monitoring your movement, let fire answer.

What may have seemed like a watertight plan by Herod against Peter came to nothing. In subsequent verses, the same Herod that wanted to kill Peter was eaten up by worms. Hear me as I hear the Lord: as they plot against you, the hand of the Lord will be stretched forth against them. As they plot against you, the wickedness they planned will be recompensed in seven folds. As they plot against you, they will go down.

The wickedness of the wicked will not prevail over you. You will not be available for the fulfillment of wicked plans against you.

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