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When Herod saw that he had been misled by the wise men whom he expected to tell him about the location of Jesus, he ordered the killing of every child who was two years and below. Herod never even got Jesus, but because he was against Jesus, he killed every child within the environment. Because of wickedness that he determined against Jesus, he made other children in the environment to become victims, undeservedly.

Friend, the spirit of Herod is a spirit that wants to cut down everything around you in order to get at you. The spirit of Herod believes that your family should go down since you are not available to go down. The spirit of Herod believes that your health should suffer loss since your finances are not down yet. The spirit of Herod wants weeping around you even when you are not the direct victim. The spirit of Herod wants death around you.

Hear me as I hear the Lord: every attack of what is important to you, I command it to scatter now. Every attack that has been unleashed against the works of your hands, I command it to go down. Every attack against your environment in order to get at you, I command the fire of God to respond on your behalf. Every attack of Herod against the people and systems that are important to you, I decree, let fire answer.

Jesus was so significant in destiny; He was a threat to the kingdom of darkness; His birth and emergence completely rattled the dynasty of Herod, and Herod’s response was to unleash violence against a multitude of innocent children. Never interpret troubles to mean that God has abandoned you. The devil would not be fighting you as much as he is doing, if your destiny did not significantly rattle and trouble him.

I command every attack on your environment to end. I command every siege on whatever is important to you, to end.

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