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Our Focal Scripture speaks of the dead man who was being taken out of Nain for burial. That young man had moved from being a boy to being a man, but his life was cut short. He got to a level of transition where he should become responsible for others, bear burdens and even raise his own family, but death got in the way. He came to a point where he should become more, and he went down. He was cut short at his transition season.

Friend, I pray for you: every attack that comes against you in your moment of transition, I decree, you will not be a victim. Every plot of the enemy to stop you from entering into the new season that God has ordained for you, let the fire of God answer. Every attack that has come to stop you from crossing over to your next level, let the fire of God answer. Every power of hell that says your next chapter will not open, let fire answer.

That young man was done being a young boy, but death was waiting in his future. Negativity went ahead and waited for him in the future that was yet to be unveiled. Every negativity or tragedy that is waiting for you in your future, I blot it out with the fire of God. Every future disaster that the enemy has packaged for you, I command it to return to sender. Every evil seed that wants to manifest in future, let fire answer.

Hear me as I hear the Lord: your new chapters will not be empty. Your future will not be tampered with. Your tomorrow will not yield a negative harvest. Your transitions will not be truncated. You will not move from success to failure. You will not arrive at the future and discover that your years have been emptied. You will not be a victim in your new season. You will not be counted amongst them that died in their next level.

Your path shines brighter and brighter. Your new season will not swallow you. Your transitions will be complete. As you are done with one level, the gates of the next level will open to you.

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