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Our Focal Scripture speaks of a certain man who was lame from his mother’s womb, and who was laid daily at the gate of the temple. On daily basis, and in a location where men were on the move, this man was laid. At a gate that led people into the temple, he sat lame, every day. At a gate where one could have gained attention, he was lame. At a strategic destiny location, he sat lame. He was lame at destiny’s gate.

Friend, don’t be found at the gate of your destiny lame. Don’t be counted amongst them that arrive at the gate of increase and advancement, and yet are lame. It is an error to arrive at the gate of major opportunities, and sit there lame. It is an error to arrive at your new season, and yet be lame and unable to move. It is an error to arrive at the brink of your destiny announcement, and be lame. It is an error to attain the spotlight, and be lame.

That man in our Focal Scripture, by virtue of being lame, was unable to move, and he could not move anything by himself. Because he was lame, others could enter the temple, but he could not do same by himself. One way to diagnose destiny lameness, is when you cannot move on your own, or when you are unable to make things move. You just might be lame in destiny if others are moving but you are static.

You were not created to be lame in destiny. God did not raise you so that you can remain stagnated and unable to move, or move anything. Today, receive grace to rise and move. Receive grace to push forward. Receive grace to push things forward. Receive grace to move your family, finances, marriage, business, ministry, etc. forward. Receive grace to move from your current level to your next level. Receive grace to be on the move.

If you fail to move, even people you have more capacity than, will gain access to the same places you are unable to access. Rise, and move; don’t be lame at your destiny gate.

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