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Our Focal Scripture speaks of the man who was lame from his mother’s womb. That man became lame from his time in the womb. A family would have been expecting their good news to come forth, only for the good news to come forth lame. The object of their celebration came forth, but it came with a seed of sadness and pain. Their good news came mixed with the bad news of lameness. Good news came with bad news.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: your good news will not be mixed with bad news. Your congratulations will not come with bitter tears. You will not wear a crown of thorns. You will not receive good news that has already been tampered with. You will not receive miracles that the enemy has already messed up. Your new season will not come with hidden negativity. Your good news will not be mixed with evil.

At the time when the lame man was a baby that was not expected to walk, it would have seemed that all was well; but in a matter of time, when it was time for the baby to walk, the negativity that had been hidden was revealed. So it was good news that came with negativity that was to manifest in the future. Every negativity that is waiting to manifest from your good news in the future, I command the fire of God to raze it down.

Today, I pray for you: your good news will be a harbinger of more good news. You will move from good news to good news. You will move from congratulations to more congratulations. Good things will come to you on the heels of one another. As you celebrate one good news, another good news will burst forth. As you celebrate one act of God’s goodness to you, there will be more. Your good news is pregnant with more good news.

Every plot to mix your good news with bad news, is not of God, and it will not stand. Your good news will not be mixed with bad news.

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