[NEWS] Bishop Oyedepo REACTS to Living Faith Church Demolition At Gwagwalada

The president of living faith church worldwide,  Bishop David Oyedepo has reacted furiously to the demolition of living faith church facility at gwagwalada in abuja , speaking at the Special Communion service held in canaanland ota, the  prophet of God , said those who demolished the building will pay in hard coins except they rebuild it , as they break the building their destinies are broken , he said the church which is celebrating her 38Th year anniversary of the mandate next week has never suffered defeat for once,  there have been few challenges here and there but never has been defeated.

The church building was once demolished , they didn’t need to fight nor take the case to court, the God who owns the church is big enough to fight for himself, and everyone that were involved paid dearly for it. This ministry is not my ministry and you will never hear me say my ministry till death, when you come against it, you will see the one behind it, God is solidly behind us and anyone that come against us will pay dearly for it.

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  1. Kelechi Orieh

    So shall it be.You come against God and the interest of His kingdom, you will ground to powder

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