New Release Tells a Woman’s Personal Experience in Both Hell and Heaven

A new release gives a woman’s unforgettable personal account of dying twice and experiencing the “horrors of hell” and the “indescribable wonders of heaven.” Climbing into Eternity: My Descent in Hell and Flight to Heaven by Michele Pulford (Redemption Press) is a love story, a warning, and a picture of the reality of eternal life and the love of God that will not let us go.

Michele Pulford flirted with death for six years, trying to numb her pain following a sexual pervert’s attack. Attempting to protect herself, she invited evil into her life, allowed hatred of men to control her, developed acute anorexia nervosa, and used mind control to manipulate others. Following a bitter divorce, at age twenty-four she committed suicide by taking a premeditated overdose of prescription drugs and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

She woke up in hell, a place of eternal damnation, horror, torment, and fire. “The path I had chosen from the age of ten found me in the belly of eternal damnation,” says Pulford. Rescued by the Savior whose soft, gentle voice she had rejected, Michele was given a new chance at life and turned wholeheartedly to the Lord.

Years later, when her body was completely paralyzed from an anaphylactic allergy attack as a young mother with her husband by her side, she found life leaving her body once again. “This time,” she says, “I was ushered into the splendorous glory of Heaven-a place of almost indescribable light and love.”

“We’re all climbing into eternity,” says Michele Pulford. Saying she was “sent back to tell her story,” Michele Pulford warns others of the horrors of the kingdom of darkness, and tells them of the true abundant life in God’s kingdom. A resident of South Africa, Pulford is a Bible teacher, counselor, and prophetic intercessor with a background in fashion design and fitness training.

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