New Book Release By Cari Gintz: Jericho Unmasked Displays God’s Redemptive Power in Healing Sexual Identity

 Before she was six years old, Cari Gintz found salvation in Christ, but childhood abuse, trauma sustained through legalistic religion, and an ongoing struggle with her sexual identity took a steep toll on her relationship with God. A wall of brokenness surrounded her life, encasing her within a fortress where depravity and darkness reigned. 

As Gintz struggled through decades of pain and searching, a scarlet cord tethered her to God, leading her toward one miraculous moment that would collapse the walled fortress that kept her captive.Available now from Redemption Press, Jericho Unmasked: An Entrapped Lesbian’s Journey to Freedom is an intelligently written, touching memoir that showcases the transforming impact of God’s love and power in a human life. Gintz’s dramatic account demonstrates God’s steadfast and unrelenting kindness, which leads to repentance, underscores the necessity of showing love to the broken, and emphasizes the importance of relational, believing prayer.

“This book is my little epistle,” Gintz says. “It is my story and my journey with the Lord. It is not meant to be prescriptive. My main mission is to encourage those with family or friends experiencing a sexual identity struggle to stand in the gap and march around the walls of Jericho. God promises He will finish the work He begins in His children. For those struggling, I want to provide a basis of hope that your name was on the cross and God saw you before time. Submission to His godly purpose for your life promises to yield the greatest freedom and joy this side of eternity.”

Source : Christian News Wire

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