New Book Release ” Fellowship With The Spirit” by David Oshin

fellowship with the spirit by David Oshin

David Oshin is out with a new book title ” Fellowship With The Spirit” . According to him,  the book gives a graphic illustration of a day to day walk with the Holy Spirit,  how to develop intense intimacy with the Holy Spirit and Understanding the Love languages of the Holy Spirit. The Author insists the Holy Spirit has Specific Love Languages,  and he can be turned on when you understand the love languages. He also insisted in the book that the sole purpose of creation as against contrary opinion is fellowship,  service comes next after fellowship. Understanding service before fellowship makes believers think they please God with what they do for him,  but God is rather pleased with who we are more than what we do,  and service should be a byproduct of quality intimacy.

Jesus called the disciples first to be with him before calling them to service,  and that is the order in the kingdom (Mark 3:14)

The book is a real eye opener ,  and it helps believer to understand their true essence of living.

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