What a Moment!! Pst. Chris Welcomes Morris Cerullo For Legacy Conference

Legacy Conference With Morris Cerullo

Pastor Chris said 22 years ago…He wrote down these names Arch-Bishop Idahosa, Pastor Benny Hinn and Apostle-Prophet Dr Morris Cerullo. He’d questions he needed answers and didn’t have anyone else to ask except to contact these God’s Generals for answers…while he prayed the Holy ghost said, don’t contact them. They will contact you.

The following year Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa sent for him (Pst Chris), he said is was very divine.
20 years later, Pst Benny Hinn with Pastor Chris are both serving Jesus mightily together.
22 years later Dr Morris Cerullo is hosted by Pastor Chris for ‘The Legacy Conference with Apostle & Prophet Dr Morris Celluro.’

Pastor Chris said God keeps His promise eternally and He is forever faithful. Hallelujah.
Pastor Chris said he faced a situation in 1981 that challenged him so much, In that situation, someone gave him a book written by Pastor Morris Cerullo which blessed and encouraged him after reading it. That same year, Bro Christian then about 17 years wrote a letter to the author (Pastor Morris) thanking him for the information and guidance he got from his book and thereafter asked for more enlightenment on some spiritual issues.

Not long after, Pastor Morris Cerullo replied the letter written by Bro Christian Oyakhilome (as he was called then) and was able to answer some of his questions.
Just this 2018, 37years after, Pastor Morris Cerrullo entered Nigeria for a program and the Spirit of God told him to go and see Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
Then Pastor Chris just got back from Israel and he got a mail that Pastor Morris Cerrullo wants to meet with him.

On the day of their meeting, Pastor Morris Cerrullo now 86 years testified and told Pastor Chris that he (Pastor Chris) is the answer to his prayers. Pastor Morris said his joy and excitement knows no bound on what God is doing around the world through Pastor Chris.
Then, Pastor Chris reminded Pastor Morris how God used his book to answer his questions in 1981.

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