The Living Faith Church Worldwide, Kano members and other citizens of Kano State yesterday were present at the commissioning of the road which links Iroko Avenue, Kwoi close and Nguru road after it had been fully rehabilitated by the Living Faith Church Nomansland, Kano, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility towards national development.
This project seeks to relieve commuters and residents from the undue hardship which has been experienced over the years, especially during rainy seasons, as a result of the long years of use of the roads and lack of proper drainage system.
The project is a reminder of the constant contributions of Christians in Kano to the growth and development of the state, evident in several infrastuctural facilities which have been either erected or provided to bridge the infrastructural gap which may have been widened overtime by demographic pressure among other factors.
These facilities include but are not limited to schools, hospitals and clinics, as well as roads such as this link road which has now being commissioned.

Source: Church Gist

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