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Lead Differently 2

For you to lead differently, you must adopt Jesus’s model of leadership. His approach to leadership is defined by sacrificial love, and learning to lead in His school of leadership is learning to love. (Ephesians 5:1-2 MSG). One part of leadership can be taught, and the other must be caught. Most of us underestimate the impact of the leadership lessons we took from our families, especially those of us from Africa.

The lessons of leadership that we took from home are affecting a lot of us. In the home, the father is the symbol of leadership, he gets the most enormous meat and the best of everything. Unconsciously, we see that and look forward to the day when we become leaders and have sole rights to resources. It’s little wonder that when such people get to the place of leadership, they run the script that has been subconsciously programmed into them. They expect that because they have the opportunity to be leaders, then the world must revolve around them. As good leaders, things don’t revolve around you, they revolve around the people you have been called to serve. 

As Christ approached crucifixion, He became more desperate to pass this message across to His disciples. He gave them a practical lesson in leadership. John 13:5-8 NLT. Jesus was trying to make His disciples understand that as a leader, you are there to serve the people. 

Some lessons from John 13:5-8

The proof of leadership and sacrificial love is service: Service is meeting needs, giving. You must be ready to do things that are beneath your status like Jesus did.
Rejecting the sacrificial leadership model of Christ, takes you out of His system: When you have subscribed to God’s kingdom, you cannot reject this model of leadership, if you do, it takes you out of His system. 
Jesus’s leadership model does not discriminate. 

An excerpt from the sermon by Pastor Boye Oloyede on Sunday, November 12, 2023

Watch this sermon here.

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