Former Atheist Speaks On The Truth Of Scriptures and Walking in it

As a chemical engineer, Ken Gould knows natural laws are reliable; as a former atheist he has discovered God’s spiritual laws and principles are just as reliable. When Jesus promises freedom from sin, Gould takes it as fact. In a new release, Jesus Promised Victory(Redemption Press 2018), he takes on the error that it is impossible to live a victorious life.
Gould writes for those who wonder why Christians “talk the talk,” but few “walk the walk.” To answer the questions of those who have been taught it is impossible to live a life free of sin and struggle to do so, he examines what the Scriptures say. With his engineer’s training and extensive experience, Gould knows solutions in industry need to work. “My employers and clients demanded success and results weren’t subjective.” Comparing this to those who experience less in their Christian lives, he says, “We have settled for a religion with forms and ceremonies that don’t produce the Christ-like life or the victory Jesus promised.”
After distorted teachings about God resulted in his twenty years of atheism, Gould became convinced of God’s reality and learned Christianity isn’t something to be taken lightly. His priority changed to knowing and understanding God, Gould’s goal is now to share the truth about the freedom from sin Christ offers.
In Jesus Promised Victory, he discusses how cooperating with God is necessary to living in the victory he has for us; how our definition of sin can make the difference; how believing lies about God keeps us from escaping our rebellious, sinful attitudes, and how natural laws can teach us about sin.
Source : Christian News Wire

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