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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how Peter continued knocking, until the gate was opened to him. Peter had knocked for a while but the gate was not immediately opened. He knocked for a while but didn’t immediately get the response he was seeking. He knocked for a while without getting the result that made him knock. Notice that when Peter persisted with his knocking, the gate was eventually opened to him.

Friend, when it seems that the gate is not being opened as speedily as you desire, keep knocking. Keep pushing for those results that are yet to manifest. Keep praying for those miracles that are yet to become your reality. Keep making those efforts that are yet to give you the result you seek. Keep building up yourself even if you are yet to gain any result from doing so. Keep digging deep into the depths of God that are yet to unfold to you.

Notice that Peter had considered the matter before he came to the house where prayers were being made to God on his behalf. He had discerned where he was going to, before going there, and he was not about to give up because the gate was yet to be opened. If you have discerned the right gate that you need to knock on, keep knocking there until the gate is opened. Don’t give up because the result you seek is yet to manifest.

Receive grace to keep pushing and pressing until you prevail. Receive grace to keep knocking on the doors of heaven until the doors open to you. Receive grace to keep pressing more into God. Receive grace to persist in the place of prayer. Receive grace to wait on God until He does that which He said He would do. Receive grace to continue on the right path even when it has not made a difference. Receive grace to keep knocking like Peter.

Peter kept knocking, and the gate was eventually opened to him. As you keep knocking, the gates will be opened to you. If you keep pushing and pressing, you will eventually prevail.

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