5 year Old Boy Recites The Whole of Ps. 119 at IYAC 2018

The International Youth Alive Convention (IYAC) 2018  held at Living Faith Church Headquarters , Canaan Land, Ota, was indeed splendid and spiritual moments to linger in the hearts of the participants for a very long time. The Convention which is an annual gathering of Youths of the Winners Family Worldwide was opened by a powerful teaching from the first vice president of the Living Faith Church Worldwide , Bishop David Abioye. He taught on the pathway of Vision, in his words, it is Vision that gives motion, and Vision determines how old or young you are, because your age starts counting spiritually when you find Vision. The theme which was Heralding the Emergence of World Changers was the focus of the teaching series all through the convention, the convention was not without other captivating side attractions, a young boy of 5 quoted the whole of PS. 119 verbatim without looking into the any book or paper,  amidst the cheers claps and distractions he didn’t mince words.


Many people came out for the salvation call, many girls and boys were delivered from addictions of strong drinks and hard drugs. A young boy gave an amazing testimony of him bringing hard drug to the camp because he was addicted and can’t stay without it for a day but he observed that he stayed for about three days in the convention without smoking then he knew at that point he was delivered.

The convention officially ended with Impartation from Bishop David Oyedepo for Grace to be a World Changer.


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