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When Herod sought for Peter and did not see him, he commanded that the keepers of the prison should be put to death. The people who aligned with Herod in order to execute wickedness on Peter, were put to death. A negative judgement came upon those who aligned with Herod to work against Peter. The efforts they made against Peter backfired on them. Their participation in the plot of wickedness against Peter, backfired on them.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: every man who aligns with any wicked plot against you shall face the judgement of God. Every man who has aligned to be used as an instrument of wickedness against you, their participation will backfire on them. Every man who has chosen to be a willing tool to work against you will have their wickedness turn against them. As they align to plot your downfall, it shall be for their own downfall.

As men gather to trouble you, heaven will arise and trouble them. As men arise to undermine you, heaven will undermine them. As they arise to frustrate you, heaven will frustrate them. As they arise to set traps for you, heaven will set traps for you. The same way those that came to work for Peter’s death ended up in death, those that align to make evil come to you will also have the same evil they planned for you come to them.

On the flipside, ensure that you are not an enabler of negativity against any man. Ensure that you are not partnering with anyone to execute evil against someone who did you no wrong. Don’t be part of any satanic or wicked alliance against any man who did you no wrong. Don’t be part of any wickedness that is targeted against any man whose hands are clean before God. Never be part of evil plots against God’s servants.

The same way heaven recompensed death to Herod and his co plotters, heaven will recompense tribulation against anyone who troubles you.

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