It takes Maturity to Admit Wrong

Very few people can admit a wrong, this is because the default human nature never wants to be corrected, we enjoy the feeling of correcting others but when the tide turns to us, we become defensive.

Maturity is displayed when we own up and admit first to ourselves that we are wrong even before admitting to others, it is always a bizzare and irritating sight when a person  tries to defend a wrong that is so obvious to the people. A mentality that I can never be wrong is a limiting factor in spiritual  and personal growth and we must be wary of it.

A wise man once said , “Age does not connote maturity”, age should come with maturity but it doesn’t follow in that order, sometimes age comes alone.  It takes maturity to accept correction and not be a repeat offender, it takes maturity to consider people’s opinion even though you are far above them in terms of status, wealth and influence, the truth is maturity is a lot of responsibility.

I am yet to find a bus driver, car owner or okada man in lagos that is ever wrong , everyone has a point to defend , everyone has a point to prove unless the situation goes out of hand, I watch people everywhere I go display immaturity; the Rich, the Poor, the Middle class, on social media, just everywhere, even in the church. Yes, only very few people can be mature to own up to wrongs, there are people scolded for mismanagement of church funds or other immoral acts that  turnaround to discredit the church and its activities, they are the type that claim they have all the secrets of the church, they come to social media to blackmail the church.

Some pastors that were scolded even left their church to form their own denomination just because they cannot admit wrong and be corrected, after all God that speaks to him can speak to me too, we are all children of God.

Maturity goes beyond just admitting wrongs, it is accepting that you are wrong to a superior authority when it seems obvious to you that you are right because you may just be acting in a lower level of understanding, there are some things ministers of God condemn because they are not matured enough to understand it, when they get to that level (that is if they get there at all), they understand they have been wrong all the while.

Marraiges crumble today because nobody wants to admit wrong, let’s say the woman can admit but the man is “unwrongable” if there is a word like that,  you know the feeling “I AM THE MAN IN THE HOUSE”, you cannot grow a responsible family that way, growth is easy when we are quick to understand and slow to speak, leaders are not rulers, so leaders listen, leaders learn and leaders admit wrong when necessary but most important of them all is that leaders are not repeat offenders.

I love You

David Oshin

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