It is not a Mistake

It is not a mistake, it is not circumstances, that is just the expression of the real you. A Wiseman once said, challenges do not reveal the worst of a man, it only reveals the man to himself, you true innerworth is revealed during crisis and intense challenges.

The point where all things become so overwhelming, the things you do and say are not mistakes, that is real content of a man, I was embarrassed by a true story someone close to me narrated, he explained he was in business with someone, then he needed to be certain on all sides before releasing commission to the person who was a strong believer, according to this close person of mine, the believer obviously needed the money at that time, he started raining curses and saying all manner of terrible words, you must give me my commission and all that, the shock was that this believer was always fond of preaching anytime he gets to you, explaining how much you need Christ, when it came just a little challenge he changed into another man.

Just like this story, so also are many other believers, some are so hot tempered that they can explode at the drop of a heart, some others are dubios and all that, when you ask them about it, the excuse given as always is, it was a mistake, I am not actually like that, it just happened. Please, it didn’t just happen, that has always been the real you.

When people commit fornication / adultery and they come around to apologize, it was a mistake, I don’t know what came over me, I tell people the truth point blank, nothing came over you, absolutely nothing, except indiscipline, selfcentredness and lack of dignity, I know that doesn’t sound fair, but it is the truth, the good thing about a crisis is that it reveals the bad part about your character if you are truly willing and sincere to change, challenges reveal the real you to you.

You don’t know how financially disciplined you are until you are face to face with a temptation of such, you don’t know how loyal you are until you are tempted strongly in that direction, be sincere to yourself, life has a way of revealing the true content of our hearts through the challenges we go through, do not throw away the opportunity to learn and grow over some weaknesses, don’t be used to giving excuses for bad attitude, work on it, It is never a mistake, it is the real you.

I Love you

David Oshin

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