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T’KEYZ is a talented recording artiste, instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer and a well-honed musician. He expresses his love for God through his music and believes that God has placed in his heart, creative sounds and messages to share to the world. He has released hit songs which includes E’goleJesus Did It ,  and featured in Ikedi.


Q: Can we Meet You Sir ?

Yes of course! My name is Oluwatosin ayomide Akinsuyi, I’m in my mid 20’s, I’m from ondo state , born and brought up in Lagos. I’m a graduate of computer science from adekunle ajasin university (Aaua) also, I’m an entrepreneur a Musician and I’m proud to be a Christian.

Q : Sir, You are popularly known as Tkeyz, Whats the Inspiration behind the Name ?

Firstly I’ll say “branding is allowed” I know to an extent a lot of people especially In the gospel music world will have something to say about your name (as a music minister) but we all have different reasons to why we do certain things and because someone see’s a different view towards a thing doesn’t mean that is how it should be… so back to TKEYZ… I found myslf playing few musical instrument as a young boy but I took more interest in the piano … because of my love for music , I always love to play around with sounds and the creative part of is always on displayed anytime I play. people loved my mode of playing the keyboard and started calling me T’KEYZ which simply means Tosin keys the “Z” in front is just for branding sakes. The name had stucked ever since Nd few times I’ve said silent prayers about it but I’m convinced in my heart that when the time comes for a change , I’ll be prompted .

Q : May We know Sir , How Your Journey into Gospel Music began ?

I began as a very young boy who grew into a music family … my dad was the head of musician in an apostolic Church and my mum was in the choir . I grew up loving music but didn’t know what was ahead , I played few instruments because I had the opportunity to be close to them and also sang because I just love to . But as time goes on , I discovered it was beyond what it was , I had a great desire to reach out to the world through my sound and until now that I have realise that God will have me go in this line .

Q : Sir, You are Both a Producer & Singer , Whats the passion behind Music Production ?

I remember when I my parents will beat me several times because the only place you’ll see me is at the studio. even when I’m sent on errands , I’ll quickly branch and always go back home late but few of those times actually paid of anyways .

On my quest to seek more knowledge in music as a teenager, I was either helping one artiste do a backup session of playing one instrument or the other. I worked with several artist of different genres . Secular and gospel . And that gave me a good amount of knowledge into music production. Moreso ,I always have sounds in my head but didn’t know how to create them. Not until I got into the university and was thinking on how to manage my course of study and music . Then I realised it all works hand in hand . Music production actually is Electronic music ! so I sought more knowledge and here I am.

Q : One Uniqueness As a Singer is your Voice, Is it Just Natural , or Developed Through Voice Training ?

Yes! The voice is one of the greatest asset we have as human. And I’m forever grateful to God for mine . Everyone has a unique voice , same as me but I have engaged myself in trainings , rehearsal, listening to other people , study and research on how to get better . A man that wants to stand out will do all these and more. But most of all , God’s grace keeps standing me out.

Q: You Have Released Two powerful Hit songs, E’gole and He Did It . People Are Expecting more , Are You working on Album soon ?

As a music artiste , it’s normal I should already be working on album because already , I have a lot of unrecorded songs that I already can’t wait to share with you…. but I’m not in a haste ! But still be sure that I’ll definitely be dropping an album soon.

Tkeyz - grateful

Q: Can You Tell us more about TWC RECORDS

Twc records is a fresh gospel music record label. They are like family and have a heart for kingdom business. I recently got signed on to the label was early this year 2019 and I’m sure we have and will be doing great stuff has God gives us strength to.

Q: Any thing to expect from Tkeyz in the Second half of this year ?

Expect a lot … God as something to say to us each day , there’s a sound ringing in my heart each day , we are just the ones holding back due to one thing or the other. But , in this second quarter of the year expect to be refreshed ! I’ll start a series called *#RefreshwithTkeyz* on I.g .
And other great things to come by God’s grace.

Q : Where do u see gospel music industry in he next 5 yrs?

However, we still have a long way to go for the future of Nigeria Gospel Music to be brighter. But in years to come ; I see kingdom giants been raised , the gospel artistes maximising their potentials. development of innovative ideas and services that will better enlighten music professionals, particularly those in the Gospel Music Industry.

Personally I long to see a younger generation with a burning desire to love God regardless ….



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