How Integrity Homes is Solving Housing Problem in Nigeria

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Integrity Homes is a Home rental and Sales Marketplace. It is a Proptech Startup based in Nigeria. The vision began with a set of dynamic young people  set to solve the housing problem in Nigeria and Africa as a continent, Integrity Homes is  committed to eliminate the distrust caused by a lot dubios agents out there ready to take advantage of people’s urgent need for a house.

Integrity Home’s goal is to help clients get beautiful houses, coworking spaces, halls to rent or buy with absolute peace of mind, according to the C.E.O, Joshua Oshin, integrityhomes  is  set to change the narrative  when it comes to renting or buying properties online, the norm is to be scammed either by the agent or even some landlords, about 60% of Nigerians have their story to tell when it comes to dealing with real estate agents, and it is always a negative review, but all that is set to change, he added. He also assured Nigerians , integrityhomes is set to issue refunds incase the property they saw online doesn’t match their taste in physical appearance, It has a strict rule when dealing with Principal agents or direct owners of the house that puts the client’s interest first.


To rent or buy a property on integrity homes is so simple, all you need to do is to visit their website, search for the property of your choice in any location of your choice, and check the best price that fits your budget.

Click on the property to have more details about it, once you find the exact one your like, you can either call any of their official numbers or send a mail indicating your interest, they will respond to you in few minutes, you can chose a time for inspection or if you wish you pay directly for the property.

There is a warning you need to observe after viewing the property of your choice, and it is simply to make sure all transactions are done on their platform, do not make payment transactions to anyone (Agent or Landlord), they are only responsible for transactions made through their platform.  Integrity Homes also have an option of payment through their wallet (Integrity Wallet), you can simply fund your wallet and make transactions on their platform, they also offer flexible plans for those who want to split the payment of their rent, you can deposit your rent monthly on your wallet, the money will only be paid to the landlord on your consent.



Integrityhomes make money by taking 1% from client to ensure smooth transaction between the client and the house owner, since they own the property, they charge the client  for helping them ensure they have a safe transaction from the start to the finish. Integrityhomes does all the confirmations and logistics on behalf of the client. They also make money from referral fees they charge the property owners based on negotiations, the goal is to ensure both sides (the property owner and the client) smile at the end of the day.


Integrityhomes is a marketplace for properties but uses its platform to ensure the client is safe and secure, other real estate companies are concerned about  renting or selling their properties, while integrityhomes is primarily concerned about the safety of the process of buying and selling the properties, so they partner with trusted Agents, Realestate companies, Landlords and other stakeholders in the property marketplace.




Absolutely! Integrityhomes builds the trust of clients , every transaction made through their platform is secure and encrypted, they offer refunds incase there is a fall short or you have paid but no longer interested in the property, this is because integrityhomes does not release your money to the Principal Agent , Landlord or developer until you are satisfied .



Integrityhomes office is located at 50, Lawrence omagbemi street, Ejigbo, Lagos ,  please visit only on invitation.