When I was on campus , in my second year , the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart that Bishop Oyedepo will be my spiritual father and I said No! it can’t work because he won’t have time for me, but the Holy Spirit said, he will have time for you.

I said tapes and books will be enough, but the Holy Spirit said, it won’t be enough, I want a vital relationship, so I wrote a letter in my second year on campus and in my fourth year, I got a reply.

That was how I met him, Bishop Oyedepo said God told him to reply me,  that was how the relationship started. When I came , I wrote a letter that he should sign as my spiritual father and mummy  faith Oyedepo should be my spiritual mother,  he then pushed the paper back at me that I should sign first, so I signed and then he signed.

Our relationship is a covenant one, I don’t think Bishop Oyedepo can get out of it because he has already signed, Glory be to God.

The way it worked for us is the fact that, God said, it is either you take the staircase or you take the elevator, but if you have a mentor or a spiritual father, you can take the lift, so instead of stressing yourself, wasting time , you can take the lift while others are climbing  the staircase, you will be going fast with reserve energy.

We have experienced a lot of speed as a church, we have always had multiple services, in our former location in surulere,  lagos. We had 5 services on Sunday morning and 2 midweek services, recently, some years ago, we got some properties, several acres in the centre of lagos and God gave us a word form Deut. 8:7, that the lord thy God bringeth thee into a good land, so the name of the place the lord gave us is the good land and it has been very good.





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