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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how the Amalekites invaded the south, and Ziklag. The south as referred to in our Focal Scripture, is Judah. So the enemies of God invaded and attacked Judah. Judah is interpreted to mean praise. So the enemy attacked the place of ‘Praise’. Ordinarily, praise belongs to the spirit realm. It is spiritual to be on earth and praise a God in heaven. The enemy attacked something spiritual, and physical losses ensued.

Friend, when the enemy launches an attack on your spirituality, he is seeking an occasion to make you suffer physical losses. When the enemy makes you to lose your proximity to God, the whole idea is to make you vulnerable in moments of attack. When the enemy comes at you and wants you to reduce your prayer time and intimacy with God, he is seeking to make you lose what is important to you. An attack on your spirituality is an attempt to decimate your destiny physically.

Notice that the Amalekites invaded the south (Judah) but they struck in Ziklag. Where they began the invasion was not where they unleashed terror. When the enemy is lurking around your spirituality, he just might be targeting some other things that you are not yet aware of. When he weakens your consecration and commitment to God, he just might be setting your ‘ZIklag’ on fire. A broken spirituality is a lost inheritance waiting to happen.

Job was one man whose spirituality God Himself vouched for. Little wonder the devil could do him no harm until God expressly permitted. When you keep your spirituality intact, even the devil will find it difficult to strike you successfully. If you maintain the sanctity of your walk with God, it will be a tall order for the enemy to take your destiny down the drains, because there is a wall of fire unto them that walk uprightly before God.

Don’t allow your spirituality to be decimated by the enemy. Don’t allow the cares of this life to make you take your consecration, commitment, prayer fire, etc. for granted. Get it right in your spirituality and you will be preserved from the attacks of the enemy.

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