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God’s Covenant Confirmed in the Wilderness

“The goal of the covenant, fulfilled in Christ, is eternal communion with God, foreshadowed in the elders eating with the Lord on the mountain and foreshadowed every time you gather with the people of God around the Lord’s table . . . because of what Christ has done for you.” — Ligon Duncan

In his message at TGC’s 2023 National Conference, Ligon Duncan teaches from Exodus 24 and emphasizes the key themes of representation, substitution, and communion in the context of worship. He highlights the importance of Moses as a mediator between God and the people, the significance of Scripture in worship, and the foreshadowing of Christ’s sacrifice as the ultimate substitutionary atonement for sins. Duncan’s message reminds us of the central role of God’s covenant and grace, and the communion with him that believers can experience through Christ.


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