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In 1 Samuel 15, God had commanded King Saul to completely destroy the Amalekites. Saul failed to fully comply with God’s instructions; he spared Agag the king of Amalek; and several years later, a gang of Amalekites came and burned Ziklag where David dwelt. The battles that Saul failed to fight to finish, became an occasion for a future battle for David. The enemies and negativity that Saul failed to exterminate, haunted the next generation.

Friend, the battles you fail to fight and win today might just become an occasion for generational battles in your tomorrow. The prayers you fail to make today could be the undoing of your next generation. The negativity you fail to exterminate could turn against the generations coming after you. The space you grant the enemy in your time could be the opportunity for the enemy to wreak havoc in future. Lost battles today could be future chains.

Make a commitment to win the battles that come your way. Make a commitment to put an end to every negative cycle you inherited. Make a commitment to disrupt the patterns of the enemy in your family. Make a commitment to be that man that will change the course of your family history positively. Make a commitment to end old afflictions. Make a commitment to crush every Amalekite the Lord has mandated you to crush.

When Saul failed to win the battles against the Amalekites, he had no idea that they would attack the next king of Israel. The greatness of Israel was going to be attacked by the same negativity that Saul did not completely annihilate. It may be convenient to allow the enemy space around you, but you can’t control who and what the victims of the indiscretion would be. You can’t control the consequences of leaving battles behind.

Don’t be counted amongst men like Saul who failed to completely annihilate and decimate the Amalekites. Rise, fight your battles, and win them all. Don’t allow negativity to survive.

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