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In our Focal Scripture, in the midst of his men who spoke of stoning him, David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. The word ‘encourage’ as used in that scripture comes from the Hebrew word ‘chazaq’; one of the meanings of ‘chazaq’ is ‘to fortify’; so David fortified himself in the Lord his God. He was in a vulnerable situation; he was in distress; he was about to become a victim, and he fortified himself in the Lord.

Friend, fortify yourself in the Lord your God. Fortify yourself in the place of prayers; fortify yourself with the words of God that you have read and heard; fortify yourself by saying what God is saying; fortify yourself by spending time alone with God; fortify yourself by deepening your communion with God; fortify yourself with warfare prayers; fortify yourself against the attacks of the enemy; fortify yourself from satanic invasion.

One major reason why people fortify their territories is because there are things to be protected, and there are invaders waiting to steal what must be protected. If you fail to fortify yourself in the Lord, your adversary the devil may easily invade your life and steal what ought to be protected. If you are not fortified, the enemy might want to steal your joy, peace, sound mind, focus, dedication, consecration, inspiration, vision, etc.

Don’t imagine that the enemy will fold his arms and watch you enjoy your new season freely without trying to scuttle your joy. Never imagine that the same enemy that wanted to stop you in the past no longer wants to stop you. Never imagine that you are no longer the target of the enemy; never imagine that the same enemy that loves to steal, kill and destroy has changed because you made progress.

The enemy will only invade easily when there is no fortification. Fortify yourself in the Lord; strengthen yourself in prayers; and you will prevail over the enemy.

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