Forgiveness is a MUST! , Trust is a CHOICE


Many Believers have not drawn the line between forgiveness and Trust. This is one major loop hole the devil uses to cheat them and take advantage of their emotions.   Forgiveness is a MUST! ,Trust is a CHOICE .  The word of God expressly commands us to forgive, Jesus taught passionately about forgiveness and the power of forgiveness for a child of God, and truth be told, there is no extent to which a believer cannot forgive, Jesus told Peter minimum 70*7 times a day , that is about  490 times a day, (Matt. 18:21 – 22) . Paul told us that unforgiveness is a major inroad for the devil in our lives ( 2nd Cor.1:10-11), so there is absolutely no choice but to forgive but on the other hand, Trust is a choice, there is no commandment to trust anybody absolutely, only God must be completely trusted because he is not man, but believers have turned it upside down. Trust is such a precious pearl that should be thrown down for pigs to trample, it is because trust makes you vulnerable. Trust means you believe a person , hook , line and sinker, and it is something that has a strong- hold on your emotions. Trust is given to people with the benefit of a doubt, that means when it is tampered with, it should be withdrawn little by little. It is just like in a banking system, trust should be given as a deposit, what they do with it determines how well it lasts with them. So, am I saying don’t trust people ? No ! What am saying is Deposit your trust in people, and when they break it withdraw it in accordance to their offense. When people break your trust for example by lying  to you, playing smart  in a business deal or by cheating on you in a relationship or marriage, Forgive! But trusting them absolutely is foolishness, by implication you have given them the license to do it again and again, no matter how sorry they are, let them earn back the trust, let them walk up the ladder of your heart, let them value you, if a person doesn’t want to walk up the ladder then he or she doesn’t value you, no matter how long it takes they must realize trust is a virtue whose virtue is enjoyed by their commitment to it. God loves everybody but he doesn’t trust everyone, you earn God’s trust by commitment to his will and purpose, God uses people to the extent he trusts them, if you sin, he forgives, but you earn your trust by commitment to Holiness , as God’s image on earth,  it shouldn’t be different. Don’t let the devil take you for a ride.

Forgiveness is a MUST! , Trust is a CHOICE

Article written by David Oshin.

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