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In our Focal Scripture, after celebrating for a kingship that was not to be, the men who celebrated with Adonijah rose and went their way. They were celebrating in lieu of the kingship they felt should come to Adonijah. They were celebrating to the detriment of Solomon. They were celebrating, albeit prematurely, the diversion of what God already destined for Solomon, but their celebration was cut short and they all dispersed.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: every celebration against your destiny, I command it to scatter by fire. Any rejoicing in the kingdom of darkness against your destiny, I command it to scatter now. Anyone that is rejoicing concerning your setbacks, may God cut short their celebrations by turning the tables in your favour. Any man preparing to laugh at you, I decree that their laughter will turn to sadness; their celebration has ended.

Adonijah had gone far with his celebrations, but God simply raised Nathan the prophet to speak on behalf of Solomon. God turned the tables in Solomon’s favour, and Adonijah’s party ended abruptly. Today, I decree, for every gathering to celebrate the wickedness of men against you, the Lord is turning the tables in your favour. God is causing you to be at an advantage over your rivals. God is turning the tide in your favour.

Those that are waiting to celebrate against you on account of the misfortune they expect to come your way, while they are waiting to celebrate, their celebration will turn to shame. Your life will not give rise to any entertainment for the kingdom of darkness. Your life will not entertain your enemies. Your life will not cause those who are working against you to rejoice. Your life will not cause your haters to dance and celebrate.

Every dance and celebration that is built on evil, and every celebration that is coming at the cost of your tears and misfortune, the Lord has scattered it.

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