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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how the death of James pleased the Jews. As Herod attacked the church, there were many who rejoiced that something had gone wrong. There were many who were excited at the bad news that came to the early church. There were many who were pleased that negativity had got a chance to thrive. There were many who celebrated the bad news that came the way of James and the church.

Friend, I pray for you: in 2024, people will not get a chance to celebrate because evil has come against you. The lovers of negativity will be thoroughly disappointed through your life. Those who have been wishing that you could go down will have nothing to laugh about concerning you. Those who are waiting to celebrate evil against you will wait forever. Those who are hoping that you will cry bitter tears will wait forever.

Misfortune came the way of James and the church, and the Jews had something to celebrate. They celebrated with the misfortune of James and the brethren. Hear me as I hear the Lord: every misfortune that is waiting for you in the future, that will make your haters to rejoice over you, I terminate it by fire. Every plan of the enemy to make you that one that will be laughed at by haters, I command the plan to scatter.

Your life will not entertain the enemies of your destiny. Your life will not advertise the ability of the enemy to create bad news. Your life will not be the reason that the enemy will throw a party. You won’t be counted amongst them that provided occasion for demonic celebration in the kingdom of darkness. You will never be counted amongst them whose lives gave joy to the enemy. You will never be the reason for haters to laugh.

Welcome to that season where your life will only make God happy. Welcome to that new season where the enemy will never get glory through your life.

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