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Our Focal Scripture speaks of when David encouraged himself in the Lord. David was yet to recover his wives and children, what he lost was yet to be found, the situation that made him weep was yet to change, but he encouraged himself in the Lord his God. The results he was looking for were yet to come, but he braced up already and began to encourage himself. Things were yet to change when David encouraged himself.

Friend, the things you seek may not have shown up, the results you desire may still be far away, the things you lost may not have been found, the positions and opportunities you lost may not have been restored, the things that went out of control may not yet be under control, the doors you have been knocking on may not yet be opened, your opposers may still be very much around, but dare to encourage yourself in the Lord.

Encourage yourself even if it seems that there is no hope. Encourage yourself even if helpers are yet to show up for you. Encourage yourself even if the results you desire are yet to show up. Encourage yourself even if your prayers are yet to be answered. Encourage yourself even if the progress you seek is yet to become reality. Encourage yourself even if the battles you face are yet to be won. Encourage yourself in the Lord no matter what.

David encouraged himself, and in subsequent verses, he led the counter attack against the Amalekites, and he and his men recovered all that was taken from them. He encouraged himself and he found strength to make progress and recover what he lost. If you encourage yourself, you will receive strength to fight back and recover what the enemy took from you. If you encourage yourself, progress will come more easily.

Don’t let the challenges you are currently facing to keep your back on the ground. Rise, encourage yourself, and take the battle to the gates.

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