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In our Focal Scripture, we find that two hundred out of the six hundred men that were with David got to the Brook Besor and were too faint to continue the pursuit. People who were expected to go all the way with David suddenly became so faint that they declined to continue. Notice that David did not stop with them. He continued with those who were willing to continue. He continued despite those that gave up on him.

Friend, in your journey in life, you will meet men who will promise to go with you all the way, but will give up when you are yet to accomplish your mission. You will meet supporters who are not strong enough to follow through in your mandate. You will meet people who believe in your mission but are not committed enough to go all the way. You will meet people who believe in your mandate but do not have enough capacity for it.

Like David, even if they abandon your mission, press on. Run with whatever mandate that God has given you irrespective of those who have given up. Run towards your goals even if those you trust are not willing to run with you. Push for the results you desire no matter the disappointments you face from those who once promised to stand by you. Push forward with your assignment even if your supporters are not willing to stand by you.

Notice that the men who gave up on the pursuit of David also had wives and children taken away by the Amalekites. They had something to gain from the pursuit, but they simply were too tired and they gave up. Sometimes, those that will give up on your mandate and the very ones who would be beneficiaries if you succeed. Don’t let their giving up to also make you give up. Don’t stop because they stopped on the way.

Don’t allow the weakness of other men to make you become weak. Don’t give up because those around you have given up.

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