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Our Focal Scripture speaks of that moment when the Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph and instructed him to take his young child and the mother back to Israel, because Herod had died. Notice that Herod killed all the children who were two years and below in order to get at Jesus; he failed to get at Jesus; he even died afterwards; but the young children he killed did not come back to life. They simply died for nothing. They died as victims.

Friend, no matter the Herod’s in your space, refuse to die for nothing. Refuse to die a victim of the wickedness of men. Refuse to go down on account of the wickedness of the wicked. Refuse to become a byword in your generation. Refuse to be counted amongst them that went down ahead of time. Refuse to have your light dimmed in your prime. Refuse to be counted amongst those who went down in another man’s fight.

Those children that were killed, were not even the real targets; the real target, being Jesus, was missed, but innocent children who were really not a threat to Herod, died for nothing. If you make yourself vulnerable to the Herod’s in your generation, they will make you mincemeat even when they have nothing to gain from your downfall. Herod will reduce your destiny to nothing even when he has nothing to gain from your reduction.

When battles that consume men show up, refuse to die. Refuse to be a victim. Refuse to allow the enemy cut short your life. Refuse to be vulnerable in the hands of the enemy. Refuse to be that one that died prematurely. Refuse to be that one that suffered collateral damage. Refuse to be that one whose life was reduced to rubbles. Refuse to be that one that will not live to fulfill destiny. Refuse to be a victim in the journey of life.

I pray for you: you will not be counted amongst those whose light went down in their prime. You will not be cut short ahead of time. You will not be wasted in destiny. You will not die in the hands of Herod.

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