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It is important to observe that in the funeral procession of that son of the widow of Nain, Jesus saw the tears of the woman and He showed mercy on the son who was about to be buried. The widow of Nain had an encounter with Jesus, and it led to the miracle of resurrection of her son. One person’s encounter with El Roi birthed the miracle of another person. One person’s encounter opened the door of miracles to you.

Friend, can you be that one whose encounter with Jesus birthed miracles for others? Can it be said that your walk with God enabled those around you to find their place in destiny? Can it be said that you so encountered God that He began to fix the lives of those connected to you? Can you be that one whose prayers will birth answers for others? Can you be that one whose personal encounters will birth mercy for others?

At a time when the young man that was about to be buried could not speak for himself, his mother encountered Jesus and it became the basis of the intervention of heaven in his matter. What he could not do for himself, someone got the attention of El Roi to make it happen. I pray for you: may you attract the attention of El Roi on behalf of others. May people find their miracles through you. May heaven show people mercy and grace because of your own encounters.

At some point, you would need to rise above living for yourself alone and start to live for others. At some point, you need to look beyond attracting the attention of El Roi just for yourself, and start seeking how you may attract His attention for the sake of others. At some point, look beyond what you will gain from El Roi and seek what others will gain from Him through you.

After all is said and done, may you be counted amongst those whose encounters birthed miracles for others. May your prayers birth answers for others.

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