Christian Music Group Sees ‘Third Great Awakening’ a Possibility in America By Cal Grove faith Jun 27, 2018

The Christian music group Bethel Music shared recently that they believe a “Third Great Awakening” is on the horizon in America. They’ve seen the same enthusiasm for Jesus when touring around the country as they have when visiting foreign ones.

“I think God’s going to use healing in America to lead so many people to Jesus,” said Lindy Conant, who recently started working with Bethel, according to Fox News.

“It’s seeing the demonstration of God that causes salvation, too, which is the greatest miracle. [It] is someone giving their soul to Jesus and surrendering their life to Jesus. That’s what I love about Bethel — they create space for God to move in miracles.”

At a recent concert in Dallas the band had close to 6,000 people in attendance. Those who participated in the event called it “life-changing.” In Boston, Bethel Music said that 800 people had flooded to the front to give their lives to Jesus.

“People were so hungry,” said Josh Baldwin, one of the singers for Bethel Music. “It does feel like people are re-upping their commitment to the Lord. It’s been powerful every night…we would stop [in worship] and they would lead.”

“It felt like we were tapping into an old well,” said Conant. “We need another Great Awakening, and it came out of this region for the Second Great Awakening.”

She added, “It’s like Jesus needs to be re-introduced to a whole generation, like He’s not mad at you. He’s not up there waiting to strike you with a lightning bolt. He is a God of love. For God so loved the world that He sent His son, and now Jesus wants to send us with that same love to reach a generation…that’s where I go we’re all missionaries…Jesus said as the Father sent me so I am sending you…OK, well, that’s pretty gangster if that’s the truth.”


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