Christian Celebrity Explains Her Faith Experience In HollyWood

For years, Hollywood hasn’t had the best reputation for its tolerance of Christians. In fact, it’s even been suggested that an actor’s religious beliefs could actually hurt their career. But as more and more faith-based films find their niche, Christian stars like actress Gianna Simone say this is starting to change.

Actress Gianna Simone is deeply committed to her faith. It’s just part of who she is. So, being a “vocal” Christian just comes naturally, no matter where she is or who she’s with.

“Jesus is so much a part of me. No matter where I work or what I choose to do, I always try to be my authentic self and God is so much a part of that,” she explains. “In how I treat co-workers, directors, casting directors, crew, and strangers. I maintain this way of living by knowing who I am and Who I depend on- especially when it comes to the purpose He’s given me.”

What’s awesome is that Gianna does just as much secular acting (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Mother’s Day) as she does faith-based films (God’s Not Dead 2, I Can Only Imagine).

That means she’s bringing her incredible faith to Hollywood sets where many of the people present are nonbelievers. And from where she sits, being a Christian in Hollywood doesn’t carry the same stigma it once did.

“I think now, in the times that we live in, we march to the beat of our own drum,” Gianna said. “I don’t think people get blacklisted anymore, especially for good things.”

Actress Gianna Simone Has A Powerful Testimony

Gianna is so grounded and enthusiastic about her faith, you might assume that’s always been the case. But it was actually a heartbreaking childhood that brought her to Jesus.

Growing up in Boston, she was both physically and emotionally abused as a young girl. She had nowhere to turn but to her father, who was dealing with his own struggles at the time and in no position to help.

Even though she didn’t know it, God was already at work. She began working out at a local gym at 13 years old, her first step toward breaking free.

“My anger and rage for the injustice I lived with on a daily basis became my driving force for change,” Gianna said.

The powers that be eventually moved Gianna into foster care. But the owner of the gym, Kathy DeMarco, became a mentor and guiding force in the teen’s life. Kathy was the one to introduce her to church. And even though faith didn’t take root until later, this exposure sowed the seeds of Gianna’s salvation.

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