Chris Pratt : I Am Not Ashamed Of Jesus

Chris Pratt has gained a reputation as the actor who talks often about his Christian faith, and he says he plans on keeping it that way.

Pratt made headlines this summer with an MTV Movie & TV Awards acceptance speech that mentioned prayer, grace, the soul and God – and even referenced the blood of Christ.

Pratt told the Associated Press he hopes his words help change lives. He also says he feels “called” to talk about faith.

“That kind of a message, it might not be for everybody,” said Pratt, who is known for his roles in the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy film series. “But there is a group of people for whom that message is designed. And nothing fills my soul more than to think that maybe some kid watching that would say, ‘Hey, I’ve been thinking about that. I’ve been thinking about praying. Let me try that out.’ That’s like the only way I feel like I can repay what has essentially been a giant gift in my life.”

Asked if speaking publicly about Jesus feels risky in Hollywood, Pratt said it doesn’t.

“I think that there’s this narrative that exists out there that Hollywood is anti-Christian or anti-religious, but it’s just not the case,” he said. “They are kind of not anti-anything. They are kind of pro-whatever is authentic to you. And I like that. Because it’s authentic for me to be pro-Christian, pro-Jesus. That’s my thing. I like it.”

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