CfaN Releases New Book, “Into The Unknown”

CfaN is thrilled to release, Into the Unknown, a new book by our Executive Vice President, Peter Vandenberg. Into the Unknown is a true, autobiographical account of Peter’s journey from a farm kid in Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe) to the architect and administrator of one of history’s most successful evangelism teams. CfaN TV will celebrate the book’s release with some special episodes (hosted by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda) that will explore its riveting content. The shows will air internationally and local times and stations can be found at CfaN.TV. Peter is a life-long lover of extreme sports. He’s a world-class hang-glider, scuba-diver and something of a legendary wild-man. But, as he conveys in Into the Unknown, his most bracing adventures have been in pursuit of God’s call. Peter helped develop the fundamentals of contemporary, mass-outreach and has been an eye-witness to literally millions of salvations and countless miracles. He himself was supernaturally healed of what his doctors called, “A rare and very aggressive cancer known for its high fatality rate.” Into the Unknown captures the drama, humor and enthralling details of his experiences on, off and back-stage to one of the most phenomenal, on-going moves of God since the early church.

After Bible college, Peter toured as a musician with the popular UK-based, Christian rock group, Rufaro. But, in 1980, Peter met Evangelist ReinhardBonnke. They were fast friends. Soon, Peter was an integral part of the then-nascent CfaN. As an engineer, Peter pioneered many of the structures and techniques that would allow CfaN to host millions of people at a time. As an administrator, Peter brought a fresh vision for scaling up the organization so it could reach even more people, better connect them to local churches and fulfill the dream of an Africa covered by the blood of Jesus.

As the right-hand man, first to Reinhard Bonnke and now to CfaN’s Lead Evangelist, Daniel Kolenda, Peter offers an amazing inside look at how God has touched, grown and used Christ for all Nations to save more than 78-million souls across Africa and beyond. A great preacher in his own right, Peter’s clear, humorous and emotionally charged prose paints a vivid and inspiring picture of a life lived to the full. Chocked-full of authentic accounts of dangers, miracles, close calls and big wins, Into the Unknown, is a true must read.

Into the Unknown is available now in print, e-book and audiobook Pick up your copy today!

Source : Christian News Wire

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