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It is important to observe that David and his men were warriors. They were feared in the battle field. They were men of valour. They were the sort of men whom their enemies should rightly prefer to avoid. Notice that while they were away, a gang of Amalekites took their wives and children captive and burnt their city. The wives and children were obviously not strong, and they became victims of what their men could have defeated.

Friend, it’s not enough to be connected to strong people. At some point, you need to build your own strength. Build your own strength in the place of prayer. Build your own capacity for the marketplace. Build your own ability to win battles by yourself. Build your own resources. Build your own competence. Build your own values that will help you win. Dare to become that winner that will take the battles that arise, by storm.

It may have seemed that the wives and children of David and his men could not be easily touched, but once the men were away, what earlier seemed impossible became possible. Defeat became an option because the strong men were not around, thus making the wives and children vulnerable. If you fail to build your own strength, one day, you will not find the strong people that have been shielding you, and you would be vulnerable.

If you fail to build capacity, one day, you will seek for those who always help you out, and they will be unavailable. If you fail to build your prayer altar, how would you fare when those who ordinarily pray for you forget to pray for you? If you fail to develop your capacity and competence, what would be your fate when you are put on the spot to show what you have in you? If you fail to build strength, your weakness will embarrass you.

Don’t accept to remain a weakling. Build your strength. In areas where you are currently weak, choose to become strong.

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